Buy numbers and letters for school playgrounds.

At first4markings we supply the best quality pre-formed thermoplastic playground markings numbers and letters direct to the trade.

We offer a comprehensive range of numbers and letters starting from 100mm high all the way up to 600mm.

Coloured numbers in 1-100 number grid

We also offer playground games, educational markings and sports court markings.

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Road Safety Speed Roundels

Speed Roundels

first4markings have just added a new item to our Road Safety Markings stock. The speed roundels.

Red and Black Speed Roundels

Speed Roundels are becoming more popular on roads throughout the UK. first4markings manufacture and ship pre-formed thermoplastic speed roundels from their base in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Shipping around the UK and the world. first4markings supply two types of speed roundel. The generic red and black roundel, and a completely white roundel.

White Speed Roundel

Both provide an equally clear instruction to the driver on the road.

The Speed Roundels come in 5 (mm) sizes. 750×750, 1200×1200, 2500×1500, 3200×1500 and 4300×1500.

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Pre-formed Thermoplastic Road Markings Direct to the Trade

Buy Road Markings Online

first4markings have released a range of road markings direct to the trade.

We manufacture and supply road and playground markings to schools, local authorities and private companies throughout the UK. From our base in Newcastle Upon-Tyne we manufacture pre cut markings and sell them around the world.

New Road Marking Stock

Road Markings

We supply a wide range of road safety and car park markings from speed roundels to mother and child crossings, disabled parking bays to cycle lane logos, all in bright vibrant colours. We use the best quality pre-formed thermoplastics that are durable and hard waring.

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Mother & Child Crossing Road Marking

first4markings range of pre cut thermoplastic road safety markings include mother child crossing road marking logo be used on roads infant of schools and where children cross next to shops or on busy roads in housing estates.

Pre formed thermoplastic road safety markings supplied to the trade by first4markings

Mother & child road safety marking

These road markings clearly show oncoming motorists that there is the treat of mothers and children crossing this the area, thus encouraging them to slow down to prevent accidents. Police statistics show that the risk of both fatal and non fatal accidents can be dramatically reduced by the introduction of road safety signs in busy areas where mothers are likely to be crossing with young children.

Mother child crossing road marking logos are supplied direct to the trade in four different sizes:

750mm x 750mm

1200mm x 1200mm

2500mm x 1200mm

4000mm x 1600mm

We can also design and manufacture bespoke sizes to customer requirements.

first4markings also supply a wide range of road safety and car park markings as well as a comprehensive collection of pre cut thermoplastic playground markings.

Our sister company first4playgrounds supply and install road and playground markings to schools, local authorities as well as many contractors.